Owning a dog, especially an ESA dog, is extremely gratifying. But make no mistakes, a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. The major one is to take care of the nutritional needs of the dog. Food is one of the most important factors in your ESA dog's life. ESA dogs are as good as their diets.

If you do not have an ESA dog and want one, you should know that you have to get an esa letter  . You can acquire this letter from your medical health professional or online practitioners. Always make sure that your letter provider is a licensed practitioner.

Good nutrition not only keeps ESA dogs healthy but also happy. A balanced diet provides dogs the energy to get through the day. The food provides for the energy that is required for them to fetch the ball, walk around the block, stay active, and interact with their owner. This energy is ensured by a balanced diet. Deficiency or abundance of a particular nutrition in the dog food can upset your dog. Therefore, you should be very cautious about what you put in your dog's bowl.

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There is no plain answer to the question – what should I feed my dog? But I can tell you this that protein is an indispensable part of dog food. However, each dog has a different protein requirement. Some dogs need protein-rich food, They need  low protein dog food to stay healthy and happy. You should be careful while choosing appropriate food brands for such dogs. 

Having a furry fella with low protein needs can be a cumbersome task, but if you love your dog, you can easily manage it by limiting treats and feeding them low protein food.

Low protein food comes in both dry as well as canned varieties. The protein ratio in the low protein dog food is lower, almost half of that in the usual dog foods. It is recommended to address certain health issues like kidney problems, liver cirrhosis, weight issues, etc. You should never switch to low protein dog food on your own because decreasing protein intake can be detrimental to your dog's health. Therefore, always consult your vet before making such a decision.

There are some factors that you should consider while buying low protein dog food.

Quality: Quality is always better than quantity. You should never buy any food item without looking at the ingredient list, especially when you have to restrict your dog's protein intake. Your selected food item must contain high-quality protein.

Phosphorus level: The high level of phosphorus in dog food can be harmful to the health of dogs with specific health conditions such as liver, heart, and kidney problems.

Age appropriateness: Always keep your dog's age in mind while selecting the dog food. Feeding a senior dog's food to your puppy would be a terrible mistake and would be dangerous for your pet's health.

Best low protein dog foods

If your vet has suggested that you feed low protein food to your dog, here are few best low protein dog foods that you can consider and can also read emotional support dog letter . 

Holistic Select: This is natural and grain-free food that is made according to the weight management formula. It is one of the  best dry dog ​​food .  It is mostly selected by pet owners who are concerned about the weight of their dogs.

Hill's science diet dry dog ​​food: This is specially made for at least 7 years old dogs. The best thing about this food is that it is composed of all-natural ingredients. It helps in improving the deteriorating health of aging dogs. 

Make sure to opt for the best food for your canine to keep him active and healthy!

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